7th Sense Fuel-Savers

With the soaring fuel prices we have been researching into ways of using less of it, and cleaning up our exhaust emissions.

Here are some products we have found to give more power/economy, with cleaner emissions:
We are using these in our 1993 Landcruiser Diesel, and our average fuel economy  has gone up by approx 20% - That's around $20 saved every tankful, and a whole lot less pollution released.


 When Tufoil engine lubricant mixes with your engine 
oil, two things happen.
1. Your oil is changed into a highly efficient engine 
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treatment with an extremely low surface friction. Tufoil
is by far the best lubricant oil-additive on the planet 
- with a Friction coefficient of .029
2. As your engine runs, this Tufoil-enhanced oil coats 
your engine, filling in the “nooks and crannies”, giving:

• Faster cranking speed under all weather conditions.
Better fuel mileage - 5% is common.
• Increased horsepower and acceleration
• Extended engine / oil / filter life.                        

Green Filter:

With Green High Performance cold air intakes and
filters, you not only get extra horsepower and better
fuel economy
but you allow your engine to breathe
cleaner air, lengthening its life.
Petrol engines: Average 10% better economy
Diesel engines: Average 16 - 20% better economy
Early Holden Commodores: Average 16% better
Average horsepower goes up 5%

You buy one filter for the lifetime of your car, and clean
and re-oil it every 10,000 to 15,000 km.

It will pay for itself very quickly, and then the saving is all yours.


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Average 8-9% economy boost for petrol / 15% for diesel. Average HP up 5%