Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. If this filter allows the engine to perform so well, is it filtering the air properly?
A. Yes, Green Filter cleans down to .50 micron which is very fine (Cling wrap is approx 20 microns, so .50micron is roughly 1 / 40th of cling wrap thickness). The testing ground has been on winning World Rally Championship cars that race in extremely dusty, harsh desert environments.

Q. If you do not have my filter in stock, how long will it take to arrive?
A. Approx 3 4 weeks from the manufacturer in Europe.

Q. Has anyone been dissatisfied with this product?
A. No

Q. How often do I need to clean the air filter?
A. We recommend every 6 months or 10,000 kms

Q. How do I clean the air filter?
A. You wash and then re-oil the filter . Simple instructions are enclosed in the filter box.

Q. How does Green Filter compare to other cotton air filters on the market?
A. We think its the best. Cheap Asian Air filters do nothing for the performance of the engine, but may look better than the filter you removed. All tests and studies we have done show that Green Filter is the best filter available.
Proof of this is that top performance workshops in New Zealand are enthusiastically embracing this product.

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