7th Sense Fuel-Savers

Tufoil for Engines [237ml]

Recorded in the Guinness Book of Records 1996 - 1999 as the "World's Most Efficient Lubricant" with a coefficient of friction of 0.029 .

Tufoil has been protecting cars, trucks, motorcycles, lawnmowers - all kinds of engines - for years. It is best added to the oil during an oil change and works by coating all the metal surfaces with a super-slippery film, giving engines a double lifetime, and saving you fuel, as there is less internal friction.

Periods between oil changes can be lengthened too, as there is "less engine in your oil."

Like PowerUp on steroids - instead of lasting just a few minutes on the 4-ball test like all its competitors, Tufoil lasted for weeks.

Doesn't clog filters or passages, as the ptfe particles are microscopically small.

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